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Could you see copromotion in the UFC's futrure?

The major problem that I see with the UFC copromoting with any other mma organizations right now is that it would be a completely one way street. In most casual fans minds, the UFC is the end all of mma, they might as well mean the same thing. If the UFC were to copromote an event with Strikeforce right now, Strikeforce would be the real winner because of them being able to ride on the back of the UFC's brand name and deep talent roster to get themselves into the spotlight. I think that is one of the big reasons that the UFC is so against copromotion right now, no other organization even brings a quarter of what they do to the table. If in the future Strikeforce becomes as successful on or near the level of the UFC, do you think the UFC would be more open to compromotion? I would like to think that they would be a bit more open to it seeing as they might have something to gain from it if they were getting in bed with an equal partner. Thoughts?
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