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Yesterday I went down to MMA and I had forgotten my usual trainer and his 2 assistants (they are not really his assistants but they are the 2 most experienced guys and they are forever showing everyone new stuff and just helping out) had went to Thailand for 2 weeks to train, pick up lots of cheap Thai gear and party hard. So we have a temp covering for 2 weeks, the guy is legit, he's friends with our usual trainer and he used to teach and fight, he has a similar style to what we do now but with a different look on things so it was pretty interesting. The only problem for me was it was a very technique heavy class with a solid heavy stretch at the beginning, so I didn't really get a good sweat on compared to our usual solid 40min of sparring/rolling. So on Wednesday I'll probably go the the gym to do some strength and conditioning before it but knowing my luck it will end up being a intense MMA session.
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