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How does it offer the UFC zero benefits?

If Strikeforce becomes large enough to become a legit contender as an organization against the UFC, they will obviously have fighters people enjoy. Setting up fights between the two could garner HUGE numbers, and money for both operations.

Also, why do you feel we need multiple promotions? I think that if both combined with each other, the UFC could become like the NHL, NFL, MLB etc. where it truly is the best players in the world, and it's where everyone wants to go. I definately see this in MMA's future. There can't be garbage between the owners bickering over who's fighters could kick the other fighters ass. If it stays this way, it will just become like boxing, with the champion only fighting who he wants. Fighters need rights, but there needs to be boundaries, with what kind of money they get. I think the UFC currently pays the lower tier fighters too little for getting in a cage and putting their life at risk, when Zuffa and the UFC are raking in the cash.

If both companies were to come together, there would be more money to pool for fighters, and more money from all the publicity the companies will get for the big wigs up top. Everyone wins.

Co-promotion if you want to call it really might be the best thing to legitimize MMA as a sport once and for all.

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