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Originally Posted by Xerxes View Post
A friend of mine's actually been training for a couple of years to one day compete as a pro at that weight class. He told me hed probably have to go to Japan (not that its a bad thing) because the options were very limited for 125ers here in NA. But that was before the WEC announced the addition of the new weight class.
Yeah, he definitely has options now in North America. UWC and Palace are the two organizations that focus most on Flyweight, but there are smaller regional promotions which have 125 divisions as well. Plus, on those regional shows your friend can always fight at 135 since the talent pool there at the regional level isn't great.

He also told me hes working on his grappling a lot because the top guys (or the top guy? BJ) are/is very striking focused and good grappling would be the best asset to have to beat them/him.
BJ likes to strike, but his ground game is pretty damn slick too. Skip to about 6 minutes in this video and watch him do his best Genki Sudo impression.

Being a relatively new division (assuming), how deep is it talent wise?
Not overly deep at this point. There are enough guys to have one extremely stacked division if they all fought in the same promotion, but split up between Shooto, Pancrase and WEC, the WEC's division will be pretty weak in the early days. That's part of the reason that even though the WEC has announced this division, they're not rushing to implement it. They want the regional promotions to build up a talent base they can draw from so that they don't have to go through insane amounts of parity in the division when it first starts up.
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