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Originally Posted by rushStPierre View Post

Diego's only two losses were to upper tear welters and he has looked pretty damn dominant in his last few fights at lightweight. People are acting like BJ has reached some type of Spider/Rush dominance .

I just dont see it.

Id say Diego probably has the best chance of dethroning penn out of all of the current lightweight crop, and at this point in time has a tremendous amount of momentum.

All im saying is I wont be surprised if the nighmare walks away with the title.
How will diego beat bj? Will he be able to take him down and GnP? Will he get the better of the standup?
I think the answer to these questions is definitely NO. Diego has a great pace and phenominal cardio but I wouldnt bet on bj penn gassing anymore, he is a true champion at this point in his career.
The only chance deigo has IMO is to constantly push for TDs like kenflo did and hope to outwork him for a decision, but bj's TDD and boxing are way too good to allow this to happen. Should be a good fight though, sanchez is definitely among the top 3 LWs contenders, and is probably the best of them.
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