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coaches and style

Itís funny how much your coaches influence your all around skills and styles. Long before I started wrestling for my high school I trained with a very good Armenian freestyle that was very throw oriented. So naturally throws were my game and my main weapon of attack. Now today its interesting to see how much my skills and style has changed.

One major thing I noticed is that people are influenced by the ones around them.

An example of this is in my three positions in wrestling neutral, top, and bottom. One of much coach is very focused on heavy hands beating there head and neck to set up shots, angles, etc from the neutral position.

From him I have grown to favor that head beating style to set up my shots. Also while its been about a year since I trained with my freestyle coach, I still have a love for throws though I may not use them much there still in my bags of tricks.

Then thereís my head coach who has helped me work heavy on top with things like to spiral rides and moves off the 2 on 1. I actually like top now I used to be pretty sloppy but now Iím working tilt and a lot of other fun stuff.

Iíve been looking around and its pretty wicked to see how much the newbieís have progressed under the guidance of my coaches. Iím seeing kids who were only two weeks ago flopping around like beached whales now working complex pinning combination and getting a better overall grasp of wrestling.

Its easy to see how important it is to have good experienced coaches who genuinely care about you and your progress. You need someone there to push you and motivate you to go 120% all the time.

Lastly thereís bottom position which is undoubtedly my worst position.

I feel like while everything else in my game has progressed, bottom is the one area that I seem to struggle with. Good news though I found some moves that worked well for me. And strangely I learned them from are lightweight coach.

I may be on the bigger end of the scale (weighing 177 right now) Iím favoring the more fluid sit out rolls style over the hard charging stand up style.

So I mean I just have to find what works for me because thatís all that really matters. Oh and I pretty much have my varsity spot locked up this year. The kids whoíll challenge donít pose that much of a threat so things are looking up.
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