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Originally Posted by cdnbaron View Post
Yeah, he definitely has options now in North America. UWC and Palace are the two organizations that focus most on Flyweight, but there are smaller regional promotions which have 125 divisions as well.
2 very young and up and coming promotions. I like

Funny how their rosters cover all and every weight class from 125-265.. lol

I see the UWC have a "partner" in England... Interesting. Hopefully they have broadcast partners too so their fighters get paid some money.

I couldnt go to the PFC website for some reason.. But it's seems the UWC cage is fairly smaller than the WEC's, which isnt bad for the smaller guys but tbh I don't like it so small for the heavier guys.

Plus, on those regional shows your friend can always fight at 135 since the talent pool there at the regional level isn't great.
The thing is he barely walks at 125-130 so he really is a natural 115er (straw weight?) and a small FyW.

He is so damn strong for a guy his size though and hasnt tried to bulk yet. I think with the extra mass he could become an average sized-big FyW but he'd only be a small BW.

Btw his reach is huuuuge. I'm about 5'10 and he's about 7" shorter than I but my wingspan is only about 2" longer (72 vs 70). He almost has the reach of a WW lol...

BJ likes to strike, but his ground game is pretty damn slick too. Skip to about 6 minutes in this video and watch him do his best Genki Sudo impression.
That was a crazy transition, so lightning quick. Let us know if there are any other fights you think we should watch.

How about the other top guys? Do they mostly prefer to strike like the top LHWs, grapple like at WW or is it a bit of every style like we see at MW and HW?

I'm asking because the lighter weigh classes are becoming more and more striking focused I feel (probably to 'please' the fans and get paid) which is unfortunate imo.

Not overly deep at this point. There are enough guys to have one extremely stacked division if they all fought in the same promotion, but split up between Shooto, Pancrase and WEC, the WEC's division will be pretty weak in the early days. That's part of the reason that even though the WEC has announced this division, they're not rushing to implement it. They want the regional promotions to build up a talent base they can draw from so that they don't have to go through insane amounts of parity in the division when it first starts up.
Does Zuffa help these regional promotions in order to achieve that?

As you mentioned it'd be in their best interest.

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