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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
How the hell can anyone think Kenny was winning the stand up? Everytime KenFlo tried to engage he paid hard and was sent retreating with his tail between rubber leg, BJ was destroying Kenny in the stand up, he also was beating GSP pretty convingly in there first fight.
I think the first round of GSP Penn 1 is one of the most, if not the most, overrated rounds in MMA. Penn breaks GSP's nose early, and there is blood all over, and GSP is visibly uncomfortable. But after that one punch, BJ never lands another significant shot, and never hurts GSP again. If Penn was beating GSP convincingly in this fight, then Brett Rogers was beating Fedor convincingly in their fight according to the same logic.

To get back on topic, I think Penn is a very good striker, and he will beat Sanchez, although it will be a close fight.I just don't think that round is as good an example of Penn's striking as people seem to think it is, I would look at other fights like Sherk for consistently dangerous striking from BJ.

For Sanchez to have a chance, he absolutely must get the fight to the late rounds. I don't see Sanchez finishing Penn early, even with a lucky punch because of BJ's chin, but BJ can posture all he wants about his conditioning, I still don't trust him to handle the late rounds. Sanchez might eke out a decision or get a late stoppage if he pushes the pace hard. BJ has mad skills, but he is lazy, he can be made to give up. Not likely, but thats how Diego can win.
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