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Originally Posted by Sicilian_Esq View Post
A man's character is tested not when things are going right, but when life goes astray.

Glad a win over a guy who hadn't fought for over a year and a half and who the sport has passed by makes him feel better.

Hopefully, he gets KTFO in his next fight.

And not only did he not apologize after throwing his temper tantrum, he acted like a complete toolbag in trying to disregard everything that happened in interviews with his "quirky" sense of humor.

I'm glad he beat Tito...only because I dislike Tito way, way more than Forrest, but the circle jerk surrounding this guy is completely ridiculous. If it were someone like Josh Koscheck or even Anderson Silva that pulled that bullshit, he'd be crucified on this forum and others.

Trust me, I know ALLLLL about pointing out the short comings of this guy. Of all the things I've said on this forum, nothing caused so much spark and hate over something I said then when one bad thing about the almighty Forrest. People are so one dimensional with this guy that it's hard to believe. They get so defensive with him that I rarely use the term "nuthugger" but this term couldn't be closer to the truth when it comes to Forrest Griffin and his cult following.

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