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Originally Posted by machidaisgod View Post
Yeah totally agree TraMai, backing BJ after he got stomped - "I'll die before I quit"...ummm I quit - lessens your credibillity substantially. And who doesn't think Silva is P4P? C'mon honestly...and Dan Hendersona threat to Silva please. But goodstuff thanks for the read.
Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
Good article... only thing I didn't like is the "BJ Penn ranks the highest from a P4P perspective of all teh Champions" line. GSP and Anderson both out rank him IMO, not to mention GSP even BEAT him...
I think your misreading the sentence. He's talking about the skill sets they've shown in their title defences. As in, GSP and Brock are mostly wrestlers and Lyoto and Silva are predominantly strikers, whereas BJ has shown submissions and standup redularly in his career.

Who’ll turn the trick? If one cross-compared the skill sets of all five UFC champions, Penn rates the best from a pound-for-pound perspective. He has proven a solid striker with subtle stand-up defense and a granite chin, and he gives opponents fits in a tie-up, whether he defends a takedown or attempts one. He has also proven incredibly dominant from top position, and once he obtains it, the fight essentially ends. There are better wrestlers (Brock Lesnar and Georges St. Pierre) and strikers (Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida and St. Pierre), but Penn has proven more dangerous from more ranges and positions than any of them.

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