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Matt Serra simply doesn't have the reach to be a consistently effective striker at WW. GSP for example, has/had an 8" reach advantage when they fought. It's the same with Sherk: he can train all the stand up he wants, but if he can't physically reach his opponent, it's pointless.

About Serra's ground game. His TDD is essentially non-existent. Granted, Matt Hughes and GSP are great wrestlers, but both were able to take him down, basically effortlessly, and hold him down for extended periods while inflicting significant damage.

He's reasonably adept at avoiding damage while on bottom, but again, his short reach makes it very difficult for him to maneuver for submissions or to lock them in and generate effective torque.

Bottom line: he's just too short and has inadequate reach to effectively compete with top level contenders at 170 lbs.

But I can understand why he won't drop down to 155: he's tasted too much success at 170: that's what a world championship does for your confidence.

Either Serra wins this one, or it's time for him to drop down to 155. Trigg is pretty much bottom of the barrel in the WW division at this point.

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