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this is a street fight not a competition so dont treat it like one fight dirty. thumb to eyes work nice, groin shots wont really work because every one expects them.

and for all of you people suggesting him to grapple ... grappeling on the street is by far the stupidist thing any one can do and thats coming from a grappeler. your assuming that no one is going to jump in which is something you just cant risk. In the real world its not a 1 on 1 fight you have to worry about other people coming in.

Also when your on the ground every one is not going to fight the way a grappeler fights and unless your used to fighting people that dont know how to grapple you might actually be at a disadvantage because your limiting yourself. Like I said fight dirty. WHats going to happen when you put him in a submition. You put him in an arm bar and you assume he gives up and you win but he could end up trying to fight again. Your only real option grappeling wise is a choke because you dont want to be liable for anything.

If I were you and I had to fight a much bigger opponent. I would fight dirty because in all honesty martial arts are dirty. All this sport application takes away from the real purpose of it which isnt to compete but to survive. Dont fight him like an mma fighter because this isnt a sport. Giving advice as if it were a sport is stupid.

Thats why all of these boxers go out and try to fight on the street and get their asses kicked because some one just takes them to the ground kicks or pulls some shit that they dont know and they get pissed because they werent playing by their rules.

In a street fight you know how I escape a pin? **** bridge and roll finger to the eye and roll. If I ever get stuck in a bad position I will shove my thumb in some ones eye on the street. I will pull your hair out, I will bite, I will punch you in th throat and attack vitals.

Id love for some of the people that say oh thats not fighting fair to tell that to the people who created these martial arts. Tell that to Jiu Jitzu practioners from feudal japan who created the art that and they will laugh in your face. Martial arts were made to fight not for sport. They were made to fight wars and to survive. If this punk wants to fight then dont fight him like your playing a game fight him like your trying to survive

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