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Originally Posted by UrbanBounca View Post
What in the hell? Apparently, I'm the only one who could care less about these recent retirement matches. If I wanted to watch has-beens fight, I'd watch TNA Wrestling.
No kidding. Fight like it is 1999! Presumably they are trying to give Serra a win and figure Trigg is his best shot. Serra still might lose to him though. I guess Serra is the favourite here, not that it matters. Anyone in the top 20 beats both these guys.

I'm amazed people still think Serra has a chance to beat anyone of note. He does NOT have any power. He has one TKO win in 15 fights and he is a power puncher? Really, how does that work? Last time I checked people who hit hard occassionally knock people out or TKO them. Serra does not. His ground game is pure BJJ. In MMA it is average at best, he hasn't subbed anyone with a clue or even come close to it. There is no top 10 fighter that wouldn't smash Serra.

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