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Iím not trying to defend the article. I was just trying to see where the author was coming from, as in, how many areas of MMA is the fighter world class. And BTW, I agree that BJ should be behind both GSP and Silva P4P. So on to your post.

Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
Okay then we're just going to act like Silva didn't submit Lutter and Henderson? And that GSP didn't submit Hughes twice and Trigg? Seriously?
No. Not forgetting it but you wouldnít say that GSPs or Andersons JJ is world class. Their world class fighters, no doubt, but itís from specific areas they predominantly use, wrestling or striking. Whereas, you could say BJ has world class multiple areas like his BJJ, and boxing/stand-up.

They both have a very well rounded game. Anderson's striking is light years ahead of BJ's and his BJJ is very good, too.
Andersons striking, his specific main strength, is way better that BJs but his BJJ, what weíve seen anyway, is miles behind BJ. Add to that his TDD/wrestling is suspect.

GSP wrecked BJ standing, has FAR better wrestling than BJ and has a decent submission game, just prefers to control and GnP.
I donít remember exactly how the fight panned out but I think he wrecked BJ after he had given him a savage beating on the ground for two rounds. GSP wrestling is the best in MMA imo and thats his main strength but I think BJ is far ahead of GSP in jitz and striking also. As Iíve already said, GSP stand-up has looked good against elite strikers like Alves and BJ but itís usually after a couple rounds of GnP.

Sorry but the dude's all over BJ's nuts, no way should BJ be ranked over either of those two men,
Like I said at the start, I agree with you. For me P4P has to include performance, results, skill-set, opponent quality, everything. Itís hard to put anyone ahead of GSP and Silva on current form.

especially since one of them beat him, decisively at that.
Personally I wouldn't count this against BJ in terms of P4P because of the giant weight difference and the fact he was facing another P4P great.

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