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Originally Posted by joshua7789 View Post
Im a huge Cain fan, but I just dont think he brings anything to the table that Nog hasnt seen plenty of times before. Nog has decent takedown defense and had zero problems sweeping Randy in his last fight, who is similar in size to Cain with better wrestling and ten times more well rounded mma skills. Nog will probably finish him with a sub within two minutes of this hitting the mat.
in all honesty Randy hasnt shown any note worthy wrestling in his last 3 fights (Brock, Nog, Vera) and was handled pretty easily by all 3, getting stuffed and really not controlling the fight he has in days past. If you include his hiatus when he was in his contract dispute and we havent seen Randy put on a wrestling clinic in a few years tbh. I really think time has caught up with Randy and i think Cain right now has much better TDs and overall GnP. The stand up is gonna be the surprise trick up Cains sleeve, he can throw nice combos and ppl are sleeping on it, i look forward to him being more confidence with his combos, esp the high/low kick combos and really changing the way ppl view him. He is very young, very raw. But he has the tools. I dont know if this is his time yet and honestly i wouldnt be shocked if he lost to Minotauro BUT im confident Cain's time will come and he will open the flood gates for La Raza and just like boxing we will shine

It could just be the calibre of competition. I guess we find out this fight

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