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I chose Global Warming, not because it is by itself b.s, but because of the b.s it generates. It forces civilians to spend more money to fatten large companies' pockets. I'll take for example the whole plastic bag issue in Canada. My family eats a lot and so every time we go grocery shopping(which is about once a week, depending), we usually fill up mama's v70's trunk. Up until a year ago, plastic bags were complimentary from whichever store we used. Now, we have to pay 0.10$ for each. Not a considerable sum, but it adds up. Everywhere, people are bitching about going "green" (not the kind of green I'd like :P) and this plastic bag thing was part of it, yet grocery stores leave their lights on all night. Isn't that contributing to global warming? Why not penalize the large companies that actually have an impact on the environment instead of civilians who already spend way too much on taxes??? /rant

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