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Upcoming Figher

I have a question to ask. I have this friend, who with some training(He has no actual training experience) could be the next big thing. He is 21 years old and held his own against a much older kid when he was a little younger who got offered to be trained for free in professional boxing. I could go on about different things, but it'd be pointless without actually showing you what he can do.
My friend does not have money to throw around training wise if it doesn't pay off, but I was thinking of sending videos of him doing something to a place that would sort of sponsor him I guess. After they see what he is capable of without any training or prior experience I am sure they will be impressed and curious as to what he can fully amount to.
He weighs 160, but he could easily lose 10 pounds. He is short, maybe around 5'4, but can hold his own against kids twice his size. I am sure he has something special about him, and I as his friend said I will do whatever it takes to give him a chance.
If you don't feel like reading all of that, my question is:
Who do I need to contact to give my friend a shot at being sponsored and trained for free? And what type of videos and/or things would they like to see.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I will be updating the whole ordeal as I go
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