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Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
Each fighter can only change so much in the time between fights, they won't completely change their style. And stylewise, Rua takes it because of the way his body is built, it gives him more power behind his kicks and Machida's leaning back will open him up to kicks every single fight. This time, I see Rua getting Machida's rhythm down even more and taking him out in the third or fourth round. Unless Machida starts to lean forward, he will get kicked in the legs and tko'd. Rua does not fear getting hit, he gets knocked out in training, Machida's counter punches are not feared by Rua.
Ummm...don't count on that because that is a traditional shotokan stance and it won't be changing. He was off for one fight and people act like his style is completely useless all of a sudden. This isn't a gimmicky offense in the NCAA...this is one of the oldest martial arts in the world. I would bet that Machida has much more power behind his kicks and punches actually. It is called core strength...when Rua throws a kick/punch it doesn't come straight 9 of 10 times therefore losing lots of power. In the world of karate the core is the power behind almost all strikes. Even though his strikes look slow, there is almost an entire body of weight behind most of them...that coupled with his usually impeccable timing = lots of counter strike knockdowns. If Machida starts to lean forward, not only will he be out of his comfort zone, but those strikes to the leg will be even more damaging.

I am not sure that you know much about karate or even martial arts at this point.

Originally Posted by MikeHawk View Post
You guys act like Machida has these amazing gameplans when he's really only stuck to the same thing throughout his career. If anything I give the rematch to Rua since he came in and surprised everyone with a completely new mentality and gameplan. Rua obviously has the ability to change the way he fights but I don't think Machida can do the same since his style is so unique.
His gameplan was the exact same as it always is...what do you mean? If you mean he did something to Machida that no one else did then yea it was new...but he did the same thing he always does.

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