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Originally Posted by alizio View Post
im willing to bet sigs, $, credits or w/e that machida wont have a different game plan and he will fight like he ALWAYS fights. He wont suddenly become aggressive and he wont suddenly start checking leg kicks. He will just look to counter and back pedal, counter and back pedal.

The only way i see him changing his game plan so to speak is if Shogun goes for the takedown but i dont think he will. But i think alot of ppl are expecting too much of Machida, he doesnt adjust, we saw that in the 5th round of a championship fight many ppl thought he was losing, at the very least he had to think that round could be the decisive one and what did he do?? The same thing he always does.

Obv it was Shogun that showed the versaility last fight, he went from Wandy clone to a guy that picks his spots and moves in and out, a beautiful thing to see. He definately has more gears then Machida who is stuck in neutral all fight unless he has you hurt then you see a sudden flurry and think "why doesnt he do that more??".... prob because he loathes taking risks.

Of course! No Fighter can change his style of fighting so dramitcally in only a couple of months. But why should he? He doesn't need to change it. He already showed that his style is one of the best in MMA. And only because he coudn't adjust to Rua's style doesn't mean he can't do it next time. Don't you think he will be able to defend a lot better against Rua's leg kicks next time?? Don't you think he will suprise Shogun with Takedown's and some ground and pound? Machidas groundgame is very underrated, he won a lot of fights on the ground in his past and is a black belt in BJJ. I think this will be the major change in the next fight. Also the defense against the leg kicks will be a lot better next time. And yes i am pretty sure he will try to catch some of those leg kicks and hit him straight in the face with a nice punch. He can practise this over and over again with the legs of Anderson Silva! Lyoto is a very smart guy, we can only speculate of what he will doing different in the next fight. But i am pretty sure he will suprise the audiance with something nobody expect's to see.
Also many people forget about his mind and his confidence. I consider him to be the strongest mind in MMA right now. He is far superior of Shogun in this point.
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