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Mark Schultz & Wade Schalles - Dominating the Mat Clinic

This 3 DVD set stars Olympic Gold Medalist and UFC Veteran Mark Schultz AND World Record Holding Pinner and Sambo Blackbelt Wade Schalles sharing their thoughts on grappling and MMA. This is without question THE best DVD on this subject anywhere.

Immerse yourself in years of hard-earned knowledge and technique with Wade "King of Pinners" Schalles (World Record holder for most pins of world champions, National Champions and NCAA champions) and Olympic Gold Medalist and UFC winner Mark Schultz.

Learn everything from "Legal Pain" controlling and pinning to submissions for MMA and self-defense.

Now you can have this historic clinic digitally mastered on DVD and learn what these proven champions know. This DVD is an essential primer for any serious student of fighting arts.

Disc 1: Wade Schalles

-Clock Theory
-Bar Arms
-Survival Theory
-Applying mechanical advantage to the bear hug
-How to make a 300 lb gorilla out of a 150 lb wrestler
-Neutralizing the guard in MMA & grappling
-Front trachea choke
-Turning the flattened man over from the crossface
-Crossface cradle series
-Philosophy and finer points of pinning
-Take away their will to win
-Submission from a leg ride
-Loosey goosey wins it
-Knee to the ribs
-Optimizing your wrestling strategy
-Headlock takeover
-The Babe Ruth of wrestling
-Riding legs
-Referee awareness

Disc 2: Mark Schultz

-Combat sports & self defense
-Closing the distance
-Avoiding the guard after the takedown
-Alligator death roll
-Alligator death roll: Crossface version
-Near knee block submissions
-Schultz headlock, front face lock and double wrist lock
-Guillotine escape
-Judo headlock
-Centrifugal armbar entry
-Arm drags
-The Barrett
-Crucifix entries
-High crotch reversal into VI pillow lock
-Heel hooks
-What do I do when I'm in the guard?
-Arm bar from guard drill
-Mount escapes and reversals
-Schultz knee bar
-Bayless kneebreaker
-Crossbody toe hold

Disc 3: Special Features

-Wade Schalles wrestling philosophy
-Mark Schultz: Total violence
-Wade Schalles: War Stories part 1,2,3
-Mark Schultz: How I entered MMA
-Wade Schalles: Leg wrestling - his toughest opponent
-Additional trailers
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