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I definitely think that you've made some good points about Fedor's personality, but even if he would have signed with the UFC, I don't think he'd have turned into the likes of Shonie Carter or Tito. In Japan, he was ridiculously popular and it still didn't get to his head. In Russia, he's treated like a national hero. I think he has a very sane and disciplined way of life and he doesn't let anything derail it. It's part of his success recipe.

He has also stated that he doesn't care what organization he signs with, as long as he can keep fighting. Sadly, I don't think he had that big of a say as to which one he should choose, since his management handles it.

Reading your thread, I got an idea. As you may or may not know, brash and in-your-face people are not very well thought of in Russia and lack of respect is not tolerated. Do you think that Dana White's attitude in the negotiations had anything to do with Fedor signing with SF instead of UFC?

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