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Many good points

What I like most about Fedor (besides his ability to know ths snot outta someone) is that he is a humble guy. I think he just wants to fight and make a living and stay with his family and friends and go to church. I find all this admirable. I try to do all this too(except fight for a living) and respect people who do.

Fedor has been criticized for many things: not always fighting the "top guy" (he IS the top guy); for being able to make more money elsewhere, for not promoting himself, etc. There are all the reason WHY I like and admire him. In a sports world where everyone is promoting himself, even the ones with minimal talent, it is very refreshing to see someone put God, family and Country ahead of Dana White. Greedy people will never understand the non-greedy; the proud will never understand the humble; the impious will never understand the holy and the loud will never get the soft-spoken.

And White just doesn't get it. He ridicules Fedor and others who do not accept his "amazing" offers. But he doesn't understand that other people have other priorities and for some, money is not the most important thing in the world. While I admire Dana for always doing his best to put good fights together, I don't like that he knocks others for not seeing it the same way he does. Fedor is one who does not see life as Dana White does.

And good for Fedor!

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