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Originally Posted by MooJuice View Post
As with 90% of posts on MMAF, this is my opinion only. I have reviewed the evidence and contemplated what it means, and i think i have the answer to the question of why fedor picked Strikeforce, a smaller, much less well known organization(at the time) with (arguably) a worse roster of heavyweight fighters, over the almighty UFC; the king organization of MMA already and still with the intention to spread out globally and grow tenfold. I know this has been hashed over before, but i just wanted to see if i could start a thread that had some serious intelligent discussions, and maybe see if we could find some mutual agreements on the topic.

*note mods, i contemplated putting this in the SF forum, however upon review, the topic of why fedor didn't join the UFC is much more relevant to the UFC forum than it is to the SF forum. Not to mention that fedor is a constant topic of discussion for UFC fans, fighters and affiliates anyway.

So - in my opinion, fedor didn't go to the ufc because honestly, the guy sems to be a pretty simple, humble guy. he lives in his same old home town, and has his same old friends. he goes to church, he doesn't talk smack and he doesn't promote himself. (although m-1 does, that's a different kettle of fish so i wont go there.)

joining strikeforce was frankly the simpler option. strikeforce will let fedor be fedor - they will let him continue to be simple, and not tie him up with contracts, paperwork and restrictions (i mean sponsor restrictions, media statement restrictions etc, i am aware that his sambo wasn't an issue this time with the ufc)

They will let him be humble; he wont be pressured to start talking about his skills before fights or going out and doing tonnes of media stuff (he bans all media from him before fights and i imagine his demeanor would naturally be averted to massive publicity) or talking things up to hype fights. (and i doubt he'll be pressured to learn english either)

Basically, he is more free in strikeforce. And in my opinion, UFC versus SF can be (extremely) simplified into Fame versus Freedom.

In addition, fedor has stated on camera before that MMA is just his job; he treats it like a job and does his best, but it is just a job. This is relevant because it seems to me like if you were passionate about MMA, a total student of the sport, and were one of those who lived, breathed and talked MMA, then you would join the UFC. They are the undisputed kings of MMA, and you have opportunities to establish yourself in the sports history, as well as to aquire new fans, friends and fame.

If, however, you had fedor's view, then the relative freedom that strikeforce offers would be much, much more attractive. If MMA is just a means of income, and your desire to train, fight and win comes from a desire to do your job well and earn your family enough money to always be comfortable, then the glory, glitz and glamour of the UFC wouldn't hold the same appeal as it would for those aforementioned people who's world revolves around the sport. I think this is also why some people can't understand why fedor didn't join the UFC and establish his position and legacy in the MMA world.

Some people say that fedor doesn't need to prove himself; his legacy from pride and, to a lesser extent, his more recent fights, is already established. Some people say that he is ducking the top tier fighters in order to maintain his record. i think that neither of these points are relevant.

Fedor has said before that whether he wins or loses is gods decision, not his. (i personally am an athiest but can still recognize and respect his religious logic.) When have you heard fedor talk about his record? or about any of his past wins? when have you ever even heard him try and justify his skills? I haven't heard him ever mention any of these. (although i may have missed an instance, if so please correct me)

The point i am trying to make here is that in my opinion, fedor's priorities in life are the reason that he picked SF over the UFC; not the quality of the competition in either organization.

That being said, i may be wrong. Fedor could in fact speak perfect english, and every time he goes home to russia and the camera is off he may be rowdy, obnoxious, and talk more shit than tito. It may all be a brilliant act.

But i dont think so; i think that this post is probably quite close to the truth. Maybe not the whole truth, as i neglected to mention fedor's management, but the truth nonetheless.

That being said, it's just my opinion. But it's a well thought out opinion, and what i'd like to call an educated one, so i'd like to see if anybody agrees, or can see my point. In the same way, i'd like to hear a good rebuttal. I have my own opinion on what the perfect response to this post is, but i won't post it just yet. Hopefully i can get some good discussion going first, and maybe someone else will be able to say it before i do.
I guess Fedor felt like sitting in that huge red royal chair (did he have a crown on?) before his fight with another overrated fighter. Id rather have a chance to say what you want to say before a fight in the UFC than be propped in some stupid oversized chair. It was sooo cheasy.
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