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you sound like a touchy guy markv.... learn your own religions history and you may see calling you a "nut" is generous compared to the things it has done.

My real point was it's hard to make deals with very religous ppl because their values are often much different then the normal businessmans. An example for those who watch the Soprano's when Tony tries to strongarm the Orthodox Jews regarding their hotel.... how do you make a deal with a man that fears nothing, wants nothing and is totally happy with his life?? I see that as the main problem with Fedor, Dana thinks $ and fame will do it, like it does it for EVERY OTHER fighter... but it wont. He lives on a different value system and seems totally content. I dont even think he cares if ppl view him as the best so you cant even try to stir up his competitiveness that way... im just not sure, as with alot of highly religous ppl who are true to their faith (i'd say 98% of them arent, but you do find that rare person and i think Fedor might be one of them) they wont compromise their beliefs, values or principles (misguided or not) for anything.

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