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Anybody here ever gone to a live UFC event?

I'm just asking this question because i live in australia and ufc 110 is coming to sydney in 2010...i have been a UFC fan since about UFC 25 and nothing but a tidal wave with a hurricane, or ludicrous ticket prices, will keep me away.

i tried to research prices but i couldnt find anything definitive - are tickets diff prices for every event?

anyway my two main questions are -

how much are tickets, or could you link me to a page?

and more importantly, how important is where you sit? If you sit way at the back do you just end up watching the big screen? how close do you have to be to get a decent view of the actual fight? and how much are the tickets for both situations?

obviously the answers wont be fully quantitative, but any sort of estimates or roundabout answers would be great. I'll be bringing my girl and probably driving for a day or two to get there, so any/all information would be very much appreciated.

thanks in advance guys.

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