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Originally Posted by claydanzig View Post
Yes thank you, you're very insightful.
Let's see here, No actually nobody laughs at my expense.
At least not yet.

Yes I'm aware of how stupid it was and so on.
Thanks for telling me what I already know. Genius.
It wasn't exactly an immitation, more or less just practicing what I learned (yet this time failed to do so)at the "kodekan martial arts gym".
Yeah, we COULD have done that in a backyard, which is what I suggested but we didn't, and I didn't argue with it.

You live, and you learn.
Furthermore, I think you need to "grow the **** up" judging by your choice of words.

Now go make better use of yourself.
I fight in my back yard all the time with friends going all out we just also stop the split second they tell us too. so to each their own on the fighting your friends thing outside a gym.

but yeah get contacts, im legally blind with out contacts and doubt i could even hit the side of my house with a punch let alone a person moving with out contacts, but im pretty good with contacts, should check on getting some

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