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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
Bruce was somuch faster than chuck though and chuck was a great kickboxer but Bruce was the total package that whas the idea of jkd he knew tkd kicks gung Fu punches judo throws jui jitsu holds andboxing footwork. He is an mma fighter where chuck is a kickboxer
Problem is, he's never fought. His JKD is all nice and dandy, but hes never proven himself. Let me repeat that to you. He's never fought. You're comparing a guy whose done alot of theorycrafting, alot of thinking, and alot of research to a guy whose been a multi world champion. there is no comparison.

The problem with Bruce Lee is that people have a lot of nostalgia and hero worship when they think about him, which is understandable because of his enormous popularity, but you can't be that blind to the truth just because he's been in movies.

This Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris arguement is like saying Jackie Chan could beat Anderson Silva. Its plain ridiculous.

"That's why I don't trip over bein a celebrity. Cause one minute they all love you, and the next thing you know, you're in front of that court house dancin on top of a car just trying to figure out what the f*** happened to you" -Dave Chappelle
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