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Mon 11-30: kickboxing: situps, jump rope, planks, side planks, a lot of partner pad work, as always.
Tue: 90 min. spinning. My legs are going to hurt a lot tomorrow, but it was a blast and I got to see my friend, who I hardly ever see.
Wed: 2 karate classes with a private lesson in between. The private was working on the first bo kata, which made me sweat much more than I thought. The classes were a lot of stretching and kicking drills with some crab walk and dynamic lunge drills, and more kata. Then MMA class was standup, started off with jump rope and sprints, then a ton of pad work, I seriously thought I was going to get sick because I hadn't eaten enough, but it was great.
Thur: ran 2 miles, lifted bi's and tri's, pretty sore from yesterday.
Fri: lifted shoulders, bag work. Active rest day.
Sat: karate (kicking drills, striking and blocking drills).
Sun: bag drills, jump rope, a bunch of guard escapes.

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