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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
Yeah this card isn't too bad. I'm interested in Bisping and Silva. I hope Wand wins!!! I want Soszynski to get a win as well! He was a funny dude on TUF.
Yeah im a BIG Dan Hendo fan and Soszynski shows the Greco Roman Wrestling Dan's been teaching him when he takes people down. Its such a no bulshitting style that is sick ass to watch against other Styles, Im soooo flippen annoyed Henderson is not in UFC, because he wants the doe... He deserves it but should Dana be forced to pay because of shit he did outside UFC? I mean Dana owned Pride as well but guessing he is asking A LOT. But this will be interesting to see what Happens with Henderson because by law the UFC is able to MATCH any offer up to a year. So unless StrikeForce pays a amount that UFC will say F that (Which i HIGHLY doubt) We wont see Hendo fight for a year if thats the case and he wont go to UFC unless he gets his check. And if Hendo goes to Strike Force as much as i love gegard mousasi he would get smashed
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