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Originally Posted by TheAxeMurderer View Post
TBH Im surprised you would say that after the licking you gave shogun in your last post. If you honestly believe machida wont change his game even a bit for round 2 you must think he's ******* retarded.

What happened last time people complained about his style being boring? He changed his game up and took the LHW title with two impressive knockouts in a row. If you dont think he knows that fight could have gone either way and he needs to be better prepared for the next one then I'd say you're severely underestimating machida, and I can only hope shogun doesn't make the same mistake, for your sake.
For my sake, haha. Like I'll be somehow nonplussed just because of a fight outcome.

Machida hasn't shown a whole lot of adaptation ever since he became a striker instead of a grappler. I guess we'll see if he figures out a way to change his strategy.

All I know is that, Shogun only has to do the same thing one more time to rightfully win. Machida has to change his entire style. Which sounds harder?

And for you guys saying he trains with Silva, he can counter Shogun's Muay Thai... you think he JUST started training with Silva? It didn't help him too much in the first fight.
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