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Originally Posted by x2lacrosse
I was really disappointed w/ last year's TUF. What a joke.
I hope GSP & Silva destroy those guys.

But, now that my boy is coaching. I'm all over this. Now, is this season solely lightweights?? So, I'm assuming this means BJ is dropping down to LW again?? I hope he does get back up to WW for one more fight against Hughes. I want for BJ to smash his face so badly.
please please all almighty powers that be, let me witness BJ give Matt Hughes a vicious and relentless pummeling

i thought matt hughes was kind of a douche when he coached on TUF. hating on rashad b/c he was "showboating" guys like hughes only call it showboating cuz they're pissed off they didn't do it. remember mike whitehead was his boy and then he got in the octagon and choked wtf??????
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