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Originally Posted by UFCFAN18 View Post
It didn't do that for me. Did you watch it when it first aired or a rerun? Might be your problem.

This is what grinds my gears

Ultimate Finale Commercial
UFC 2009 Undisputed Commercial. So you wanna be a fighter?
Insert 1 or 2
UFC Ultimate 100 Fights on Blu Ray Commercial
UFC 107 Commercial

Rinse repeat EVERY break.

Back to the show then during every fight

"This fight is brought to you buy UFC 2009 Undisputed SO you wann be a fighter?"

It's like damm I feel like im being brainwashed. It's agressive marketing for the casual fans but for us who own the game buy the PPVs or knew who was fighitng on the Finale for weeks it get's anoying.
It gets annoying anyway, precisely because it is so aggressive. I feel like there's going to be a quiz later or something.

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