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Originally Posted by traf_quake
i know this isnt really mma related but i need to know how to fight a big guy on the street...i'd say hes about 6'4 maybe 250....i'm lik 5'7 and 165 lol...this guy wont let up and i'm thinking i might get dragged into something...

i've been doing mma for a few months now and in sparring sessions when i spar with bigger guys i always have the problem of not committing to the punch when i get in close because they're soo much bigger than me...i have pretty fast hands and ok defense but if i get hounded by this guy on the street i dont know how i'd deal with sensai says to just ignore him but its no that easy

if anyone can give me any pointers so that i dont get reamed it'd be great lol
Honestly, you should avoid him at all costs. I know size doesn't mean much if you've been training, but this guy is almost 100 LBS heavier than you.

If worst comes to worst, do what Bas says. Kick him in the balls. After that I'd get away ASAP.
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