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Originally Posted by Terror Kovenant View Post
Theres a lot of great fights for Franklin at 185, Cote being one of them, Nate, Akiyama, Bisping, and others. If Franklin dropped back down to 185, he would definitely be the 2nd ranked person in no time, as the only MW giving him trouble would be Belfort, but I think Franklin could take him in a rematch.

Franklin at LHW isn't a good idea. While thats where he wants to be, I think he'd struggle against a lot of the larger and very heavy handed guys. Rua, Rampage, Evans, and Nog would give him a lot of trouble. But I have no doubt that he could beat Couture, Forrest, Vera, and most of the mid carders.

And, Cote would get smashed by Franklin
LHW is a new challenge that means slightly more than just being a highly ranked guy in a division where the champion has beat him twice. And its damaging for other MW's, if Rich beats the likes of Nate he knocks off a contender but will never really be a contender himself. It makes no sense and is utterly pointless. So there is a few good fights at MW, I see your point there but its still a very shit situation for Rich and I completely see the sense in him wanting to fight at LHW.

Man, just let the vet fight where he wants to fight, at LHW.
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