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Originally Posted by KillingRoad89 View Post
i heard he lost 50 lbs, but might of been just a bad rumor.
Originally Posted by UrbanBounca View Post
I'd almost guarantee it's true, unfortunately. When you have a stomach and intestine problem, you have to basically live on liquid. He has been hospitalized for awhile now, and I'd definately believe it.

Nah there's no way it could be true. Brock has a pretty solid amount of muscle and not too much fat, you lose muscle the slower than fat when you're like that. He's been sick for two months now? I can't picture him losing 25lbs/month. Maybe though.

By the end of all this though he could really be a TON smaller though. Which would be sort of ironic - since some jerks say he wins by size alone. If he comes back and he's only weighing in at like 235 ish (pretty average HW size I think?) that'd be interesting to say the least.

Mir actually had to re-learn how to walk after his Motercycle accident. When compared to that I doubt Brock's ailment will be that difficult for him to overcome. I'd say that much to disdain of his haters, he'll be back as strong as ever within a year.

My uncle was an athlete and lost over 100 pounds due to a major brain operation, and he put it all back on within a year and was competing again, and he was in his 40's.
I had the same kind of injury as Mir. I was hit by a motorcycle and it shatter my femur bone. However, it's not what you're implying. It's not like a spinal injury where you have to relearn how to walk for real. It's just regaining the muscle. It's absurd to compare an intestine rip and mono to a simple broken bone.

And there's simply no way to put 100lbs of muscle on while training in a year. While training full time it's extremely difficult to put even 15lbs of muscle on in a year.
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