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Originally Posted by Finnsidious View Post
I am about 90% certain this is just Dana trying desperately to build up some giant comeback for Brock.
Yeah I agree, because obviously there is no way Brock could sell all those tickets without a fake injury and derailing of 2-3 awesome cards. All these fake injuries are just a build up for one massive "anti superbowl" card where Brock ends up fighting cancer becauser Carwin is busy getting his arm chopped in 2 by Nog/Mir.
It'll be the biggest ppv in the history of ufc all thanks to idiot fan's and Dana's creative hype up!

That, or the biggest ppv seller in the history of ufc, the current HW champion and the guy who changed his entire life around to perform on a sport he has been a fan about for a while is actually sick and needs all our support (even the imaginary one from imaginary god(s) helps! The idiots like you prolly still deny the death of Hitler, Moon (both visiting of it and in general the whole existance of entire place) and the fact that not every person does mma just to sell tickets.
When Brock started MMA he told Dana that he has no interest to build up a streak by fighting cans, he got Mir as his first opponent at UFC and from there it has been nothing but improvement from him. Even if Dana thinks about money there is no reason for Brock to fake an injury. If Brock wants and is able to fight, he will, but right now that injury is aking too much strenght from him.

Originally Posted by khoveraki View Post
And there's simply no way to put 100lbs of muscle on while training in a year. While training full time it's extremely difficult to put even 15lbs of muscle on in a year.
Maybe his uncle was a sumo wrestler, which I agree is about only real way an "athlete" can regain 50 kg ( or 100lbs) while remaining competetive.

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