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Originally Posted by AlphaDawg View Post
What happened to The Ultimate Fighter? It seems as though the show doesn't look for true talent anymore. Perfect example being the latest season, TUF 10. When you look at TUF 1, you get big names like Josh Koscheck, Forrest Griffin, Kenny Florian, Diego Sanchez, Mike Swick, Nate Quarry and Chris Leben. I don't expect any other shows to provide as many genuinely talented fighters as TUF 1 has but it should at least be close. Don't get me wrong, the other TUFs have provided some talent but nowhere near the amount of TUF 1.
I think alot of it has to do wth the growth of the UFC was at a pivotal point and they were launched into the mainstream with Forrest / Bonnar and the Diego fight.....

They grew the company, I think there has been a slight decline in talent sought out since the show started...

Good thread.....There are guys that may be beter in 4 yrs from now from the show, but who really....Bader to me happens to imo be one of the better guys that has come out.......Jardine is decent, but not a serious contender, obviously Rashad is a good fighter and I feel bisping has had a padded schedule of opponents on purpose....

EDIIT: Grove, Nate Diaz and Maynard are good fighters imho.....the rest are sub....and grove is slipping....
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