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Crocop, Rampage, Sobral.....

Originally Posted by davelewis2k6
There is a huge hype about Jackson and Cro Cop coming to the UFC, although Mirko didn't win a Pride FC belt and his MMA record isn't fantastic, i would of rather seen Fedor in the UFC, what do you think? I'm looking forward to see Jackson fighting and i believe he could be a real contender for the belt.
I also noticed about Ortiz saying that Sobral isn't a great fighter, saying that he isnt as good as couture, lidell or ortiz himself, what do you think? Babalu replied by saying that Ortiz's wins over Griffin and Shamrock were less than convincing, that statement i agree with and i would love to see them slug it out in the cage, i would love to see Sobral smash Ortiz's face in after those comments.
I agree that Fedor would be a great pickup because he is probably the best MMA fighter EVER. Mirko however is also one of the best and the only reason he didn't win the belt is because of Fedor. He was destroying Nogueira before being caught in a submission. He took Fedor & Hunt to a decision. I'm a bigger UFC fan than Pride fan but I've seen almost every even from both organizations. You won't be disappointed with Mirko.

If Rampage shows up in shape he'll end up with a title fight pretty quickly. He's got a good chin but I don't think Chuck will stand in front of him like he did when they fought in Pride. Chuck will move around the ring and give him a lot of angles eventually knocking him out.

Also, I would love to see Ortiz/Sobral but I think Ortiz would take it. Sobral's standup is average and Ortiz has great submission defense so I see Ortiz winning a decision or GNP. I don't really like Ortiz but that's how I see it going.
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