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Originally Posted by Chousakan View Post
You are mad, he wasn't finished by the two elbows, he was butchered on the ground for over a minute then copped 2 illegal blows for which a point should of been docked and was.
Then Hamill can't get up due to the LEGAL mauling so the fight is called. Hamill is a bitch, neg rep me if you want I don't care, but in my mind he saw the easy win and took it.
I find the arm a BS thing to use as an excuse, if it really is fubar then it is because Jones wrecked him hard before anything illegal was thrown, he was defending with it the same as the other arm until the very end.
Jones should of been docked a point and Hamill stood back up, if his arm was so bad then stop the fight for that, the elbows didn't do that...
By the book or not it's a BS result.

Let me guess, by your stupid posts, stupid opinion, ignorance and stupidity and finally by your name 'Chousakan' I am going to assume you are an uneducated, inbred indian.
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