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Originally Posted by Emericanaddict View Post
Then being honest you have no business in the ring against a fellow competitor if you don't understand the rules because your putting another person in danger. You can't deny Hammill was defending fine until those elbows.

Sorry to be harsh im sure your a great guy but come on guys ignorance is NOT a excuse. If your going to be actively involved ina sport or compete in a sport no matter how miniscule the level you need to have sufficient knowledge of what is and isn't acceptable in regards to the rules.

Once again im sorry and im not trying to mount a personal attack but this is getting silly now. Claiming ignorance just isn't going to support anyones case.
i don't take it personal at all, i am glad i saw this fight because that would have been horrible if i seriously hurt someone with that shot, and i wouldn't have used it as an excuse. Though still Anderson should have been just as penalized as Jones. Also i was saying that just to show that some of us honestly don't know that rule exists we don't over the entire rule book and we sure aren't told that before the fight it's a little known rule that i guess just got the mainstream attention it deserved.

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