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Originally Posted by Kreed View Post
The thing is at worst it should have been a no contest..What kind of judging criteria came into play in the burns/johnson match that led to burns scoring the win despite an illegale eye poke??? it seems like the same situation here yet jones comes off the loser ytonisgt? I dont get that
Hahaha, I think was Steve Mazzagatti in both these fights no? He said he didn't see the poke and this fight you just have to assume if the fighter can't continue after illegal strikes it because of them.

Its funny too because he was just on Inside MMA and he was saying he's not there to popular and sometimes you have make the tough calls etc. This guy just seems to find these situations. Unless it wasn't Mazzagatti this fight.

Honestly when he called the fight I though by logic it should have a been a no contest. Its shitty but it REALLY doesn't matter. Hammill could be nice and give Bones the win purse though.
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