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Originally Posted by daveh98 View Post
Just curious as to how people are impressed with Kimbo last night; please don't tell me it is because Company Man Joe Blogan said so? I am getting really tired of Joe's innate ability to use rhetoric and inflection in his voice to influence people's thoughts.

The reality is that Kimbo and Houston looked horrible. Houston dropped his left hand with every lame leg kick he threw in which Bimbo could have countered with an overhand right. Kimbo is WAY too muscled to have any kind of fluid hand movement and speed. He does NOT move his head at all. He did a horrible job cutting off the cage and allowing houston to circle excessively without getting off any counters. Kimbo did not know what to do on the ground. Just because he got a good slam (strength) does not make a good ground fighter. He did not set up anything significant on the ground. Kimbo would get murdered by any fighter with decent head movement and handspeed.

Kimbo got knocked down on a weak leg kick...and layed there for 2 seconds before getting up. Both fighters did not close the show when the final 30 seconds were being counted. They stood there and when the bell rang, both fighters gassed out and put bent down to catch their out of shape breath. They were EXHAUSTED like fighters that know...actually have fought intensely for 3 rounds.

The reason Bimbo won; in case anyone doesn't know, is because he is a draw for the UFC. He was one of the worst on the show yet was the main advertisement for the entire season. Of course he got the decision because he is going to bring in the rest of the fans that exist that still think he is some big scary Mr. T looking fighter.

Absolutely horrible fight and Company Man Blogan sure knew how to sell this for Daddy Dana.
I'm just excited to see Kimbo fight the current Coleman's, Bonnars, and Brian Stann's of the world.
Put him on Spike Cards, as the second or third fight of the night, nothing wrong with that.
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