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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
How about the slam and the way he passed the guard like nothing, Im not singing Kimbo`s praises but at least give him the credit does deserve.
It's just my opinion I guess man. Look, I think the guy is a complete tomato can and is part of the recent trend of bastardizing the sport. I am sick of organizations plugging "Entertainment fighters" over skilled ones. UFC did it with just bringing him on the show and then advertising his face on every commercial for TUF. Sure he got a slam in and passed guard. People will improve when they train MMA all day just as he has. That doesn't mean he has what it takes to make it in the sport. Just cuz a dude has a desire to fight doesnt mean he should be one. He made a name fighting bums on the internet. He was a bully. Last night's fight showed very very little skill; people that are NOT on TV show more skill and I dont like those fighters getting this type of exposure; it is NOT good for the sport...yet good for entertainment. Kimbo and houston were EXHAUSTED by the end of the fight. He is all brawn and hair with very very little skill and he actually SHOULD have more skill by now with the amount of pampering he has gotten with outstanding elite level training. SOrry but a slam and a guard passing dont cut it for me and again...this is only my opinion...but a passionate one.

edit; If someone is going to neg rep me at least put a name to it. It isn't like I did a troll thread or am insulting a poster. I am posting an opinion and merely that...geez!

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