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Originally Posted by Jord -Jitsu View Post
Yeah he is a hard worker, for sure. He makes out like he never stops training and learning new things. Nevertheless he is still a great example that shows you dont have to have done it from a young age... it just helps!
Yes youre right at that point! But like i said before GSP is an exeption. There aren't many people who learn so fast and so hard like he does. So to take GSP as an example is very ambitious!
For example if i start training at the age of 12 you at the age of 25 i already have my black belt! You need probably 10-14 years to achive one like i did earlier. I don't stop training after this achivment and continue my training and try to get better and better. There is no way you can catch me at any point. ( And you are not GSP in this example )

This is an example why Lyoto, Anderson, Fedor and so on are at the top and considered to be the best in the world. It's because these guys started training as a child. If you start at 25 you will never be able to achive such a class like Anderson , Lyoto or Fedor because they have been grown up with this Sport.

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