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Originally Posted by Xerxes View Post
Ugh.. My point wasnt to compare GSP with Cain, but to show you how silly your 'TDs don't KO you..' argument was.

TDs score you points, wear your opponents down and completely nullify your opponents' striking.

TDs + good top control nullify your opponent's bottom game and win you rounds/fights (most of the time).

I remember checking his Wiki before the CC fight and it said purple belt.

I'm tired now but will provide you a link later.


We havent seen jack of his ground game, yet you're convinced he's some kind of Nogueira on the ground who can sweep a good wrestler with good top control or sub them off his back. I'll believe it when I'll see it.

Not because he's being taught by Nog that his pure BJJ skills will translate as well as theirs in a MMA context.

Again, not everybody has the chin or heart of a Big Nog and is willing to take several shots to set up their sweeps or subs.

So you're saying, anyone who can take someone down has the top control of GSP? How is my argument silly when you're the one who made the absurd comparison (that wasn't a comparison)?

Sure TDs score points but if you get swept or submitted or pummelled right after it then I don't think you're going to win the fight with TDs alone.

And we haven't seen jack of his groundgame because he dominated Werdum and KO'd him before it could ever go to the ground - not like he hasn't faced excellent grapplers/wrestlers.
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