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Originally Posted by Mjr View Post
I should have rephrased that, I am surprised the UFC as a whole is unable to remove a referee that is having a detrimental effect on their organisation. I am sure a reasonable case could be made against the guy, give some case examples and how it is endangering peoples lives, surely action would have to be taken. Obviously it wouldn't be as simple as mentioned above and it would be a long investigative process, but I would rather see Dana and co act on it, than to bitch about it on social networking sites.
I knew what you meant, I just don't think Dana, or the promotion as a whole, has any power in this position.

They might use it properly in this case, but the autonomy that NSAC has is important, so long as it's not abused (as it was in the case of CSAC under the leadership of Armando Garcia.

If anything the removal of this clown would add a positive glow to the sport, showing that care is taken to use the best officials.
I totally agree, I just think that NSAC needs to take action out of the understanding that the guy is incompetent and dangerous, and not because of organizational pressure.

Originally Posted by CaliKid925 View Post
I think he should have been DQ'd. The only reason i think that is because the illegal elbows are the ones that actullay finished the fight. If they didn't DQ him it would have sent the message that you can do illegal moves, as long as you finish the fight with them. If Hammill could have continued then they should have just taken a point. He missed with a few illegal elbows and you can here Mazzagati warning him then he connected with the two and thats when he stopped it.
See, I've already explained why this point is invalid on a few separate questions, but since I haven't answered it in this thread, I'll lay it out.

A DQ is declared when the fight ends as the result of and illegal strike (not simply following an illegal strike).

Hamill was unable to continue because of an injury he sustained in his arm that kept him from defending himself. He said so in the post fight interview.

Additionally, Mazzagatti didn't give time to get a medical consult, or even ask for one, to see if the cut would be severe enough to end the fight. He ended the fight when Hamill said he could not continue, a decision in which the elbows were not a factor.

The fact is, Mazzagatti probably should have stopped the fight about thirty seconds earlier when Hamill failed to defend himself at all under strikes.

EDIT: And the notion that it "sends a message" is complete crap, though I've heard it from a few people now. Fighters are not going to start using the twelve-to-six elbow just because they think it can end a fight. Fighters know that the rule applies and that they'll be severely penalized for using it. They don't think "oh, I'm gonna bust this move out and the fight will be over instantly" because they know that they can't count on that. It's insane gameplanning to expect an illegal strike to end the fight. Fights are not predictable enough for that kind of logic to be at all justifiable.

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