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Originally Posted by Huge 0 Boss View Post
hey guys i could use a little bit of advice, I've been a huge fan of MMA for the past few years. Not just for the fact of people beating the shit outta each other lol, but the mental game as well. I'm wanting to start training. Not to be on TUF 11 or anything lol. Just think its a good goal to work towards. My question guys is what are some of the basics of fighting i could work on. I've obiviously never been in an MMA fight. A few fist fights, but def. not something to base fighting skills off of. I've also been told before by a friend who does some MMA training that he thought my arms would be too short for even practicing MMA (i'm built like a f*cking T REX, Short arms,big body and big head lol) Is there any truth to this. I don't put much faith in his insight, seeing as he's fought 7 amature fights and lost all but 1 of them.
Dont listen to any of that bullshit about body type and build, if you wanna train then train. Find a good gym and start taking some classes. There are tons of people who train in mma that have no intention of ever competeting. It is a lot of fun to do regardless of whether your trying to become the next Anderson Silva or you just want to get in shape and learn some cool stuff. If you ever did wanna compete, dont worry about your natural limitations. There are plenty of guys that are successful that dont have a massive reach. Sean Sherk, Jeff Monson, etc. If you wanna do it, then just do it bruddah. Life is short, live it.
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