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I never liked this Ref on 70% of his calls or Late Calls, and im truly sick of Steve, its like some how each time there is some kind of crapy call he is always behind it... Always.... But forgetting about him, Jon Jones did a amazing job that night beating a UFC Veteran like that.... He beat him in every espect of the game, even got a full mount like it was butter, then layed on the beating that started this thread, But how does this "Lose" go in the eyes of Dana? and Joe Rogen? Like he won in disgusting fashion I dont see Dana giving Matt Hamill higher Calibur fights and Jones moving down the ladder like u would normaly see... I wonder if they will move Jones up but only a slightly harder fight then they would if he didnt get DQ'ed? i wonder how that works, or if its just no rule of thumb on it
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