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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
See, I've already explained why this point is invalid on a few separate questions, but since I haven't answered it in this thread, I'll lay it out.

A DQ is declared when the fight ends as the result of and illegal strike (not simply following an illegal strike).

Hamill was unable to continue because of an injury he sustained in his arm that kept him from defending himself. He said so in the post fight interview.

Additionally, Mazzagatti didn't give time to get a medical consult, or even ask for one, to see if the cut would be severe enough to end the fight. He ended the fight when Hamill said he could not continue, a decision in which the elbows were not a factor.

The fact is, Mazzagatti probably should have stopped the fight about thirty seconds earlier when Hamill failed to defend himself at all under strikes.
I don't agree with that. Jones gnp was pretty good, but Hamill was getting his arms in there and stopping a lot of them, if not most from doing full damage. I think it was a rare moment where we actually saw Maz do right in NOT stopping it earlier. There were only a few strikes that got in there with full force. Including the last couple of illegal elbows that had Hamill pulling guard for no reason.

Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
He was also having some trouble getting up and talking at the end. I think he had a mild concussion. He really wasn't totally aware of himself.
Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
I think he was probably looking at two or three different Mazzagatti's right then, anyway. He was definitely out of it.
So he couldn't continue because of his shoulder?

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