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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
Again, I mentioned this earlier. There are about 20 seconds in which Hamill literally does nothing to resist the punishment. He just puts the hands in front of his face and the hooks go through.

He only starts to get the arms in once Jones slows down to look at Mazzagatti, wondering why the hell he wasn't doing anything.
Not all of them went through and when they did, Hamill's arms prevented full damage. Hamill was hanging in there up until the illegal blows, no reason for Maz to step in prior to that.

Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
Yeah. I realize you're trying to point out that the statements are contradictory in nature. They're not.

Fighters continue after sustaining mild concussions all the time. They try to regain orientation, usually try and work their way into the clinch and slow the pace, and sometimes it works.

Very, very few fighters will even attempt to continue with a dislocated shoulder. That's a fight ending injury, while a mild concussion is only a potentially fight ending injury.

Hamill's camp has admitted that his shoulder was the reason he could no longer continue. That seems like clear evidence that the 12-to-6 elbow had nothing to do with the end of the fight (as well as the fact that the dislocation happened much earlier).
Did you not see Hamill after Jones was pulled off of him? That didn't look like a fighter that just dislocated his shoulder and couldn't continue. He didn't know where he was for a while and for sure couldn't see either. That was a cause of the illegal elbows.

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